Essex Property Angel will buy any home, no matter it’s condition, or your circumstances.

Joanne Dron is your Property Angel, with years of experience in dealing with people who want a fast and simple property sale, or have general property problems that they need solving. You’ll only ever deal with Joanne, so you’ll always know you have someone on the end of the phone who knows exactly what your situation is, and how best to help.


A quick house sale that’s personal, honest and upfront.

We believe this is the only way. Joanne will sit with you to understand your personal circumstances and will advise you honestly about the best course of action for you.

We’ll buy any home regardless of the work required on it, and our service covers everything you could need to deal with your individual property problems, from help with horrible paperwork, to dealing with your bank and assisting with the move, even going to court for you to avoid repossession if you need us to. 



1. Complete our contact form below. Even if you’re not ready to sell your home, we can chat about your property problems and advise the best course of action.

2. We’ll pay you a no-obligation visit, and make an on-the-spot offer to buy your property, avoiding months of mortgage payments if you were selling through an agent.

 3. We’ll exchange contracts and set a completion date. We can buy your home weeks before you move, avoiding a repossession, but still giving you time to pack.

Mr & Mrs Skinner, Southend

We called Essex Property Angel on a Sunday afternoon as we had been worrying about a letter from our Bank all weekend. Joanne came straight out to see us on the Monday morning. She agreed a price with us and by the following week the money was in our bank account. A brilliant and fast service we can’t speak highly enough of Essex Property Angel. Thank you.

Sarah, Westcliff

I called Joanne at Essex property Angel one day before the bailiffs were due to come and evict us due to the bank repossessing my home. She was brilliant. She submitted papers to court, the morning my eviction was due to take place and we were in front of a judge by 10.30am. She managed to stop the repossession and then buy my house. It meant that we had six more weeks in our house to enable us to pack and sort everything properly. We moved in to a house of her’s in Westcliff and have now been here over 3 years. Thanks to Essex Property Angel buying our house we ended up with over £10,000 in our account which would have been lost had the bank repossessed us

Graham Basildon but now Newcastle

I wanted to move back up North with my daughter and her young family, but my house required some attention and I didn’t want the hassle of lots of people trapsing through my home. I contacted Essex Property Angel through their website Joanne came out to see us. We agreed upon a price and everything was done within two weeks. Having the extra two weeks to move all of our possessions back up to Newcastle, made all the difference as it meant we didn’t feel under any pressure. Plus we were able to do some work on our new home before we moved in

Gill, Southend

I had found my dream home in Ipswich but unfortunately the person buying my house dropped out. It looked like I was going to lose my perfect bungalow. Then I received a leaflet through the door from Essex Property Angel. From making the call Liz gave me an offer and my house was sold and the money in my bank within 3 weeks. A brilliant service, I would often call at 8pm in the evening when I had finished work and I was always able to speak with her and know what was happening.

Chris, Chelmsford

I rang Essex Property Angel after hearing about them through Facebook. I had bought my house just before the crash and so when I came to sell I realised I owed more on my mortgage than my house was worth. I called a couple of estate agents but no one could help me. I really needed to move as my wife was pregnant again and we had run out of room. Joanne worked out an arrangement with me where she paid more than the house was worth and my family and I were able to move on with our lives.”

Paul, Rayleigh

Essex Property Angel were buying our house and we phoned Joanne on the day before we were due to move, during the conversation we mentioned we had run out of boxes for packing. Within the hour Joanne had delivered all of the boxes we could have needed. It was those small things that made a big difference in our immigration being stress free and simple

Trevor Basildon but now Southend

I had to sell my house as my wife had fallen ill and I couldn’t afford to keep it on my own. Joanne, bought my house and then arranged for me to move in to one of Essex Property Angels flats near the Cliffs Pavilion. Once I had sold the house I was left with lots of debts and Joanne and Sarah helped me deal with all of those and helped me negotiate them all down so I only had to pay a fraction to clear them.”

Joan, Leigh on sea

I was at my wits end with my property. I had let it out to a local professional thinking that all would be ok. But within 6 months he had left owing 3 month’s rent and having destroyed my former home. I just could not afford the thousands of pounds to put the house back together but at the same time I couldn’t afford to keep paying the mortgage on the property. I really thought I was going to have my house repossessed until I heard about Joanne and Essex Property Angel. Within 2 days I had met with Joanne and she had listened to what I needed. A week later Joanne started dealing with my problems and finally I could start to sleep at night. 3 months on and I now don’t have to think about my property at all because I know I has all been taken care of. Thank you so much.”


We’ll give you a cash advance that goes towards your sale price before the sale has actually completed

Give you a guaranteed offer (subject to survey) so you know where you stand

You can stay in the property up to two weeks after the sale has gone through.

We will go to court for you to stop a repossession, allowing you time to move

Don’t pay us a penny! We’ll pay your mortgage until a sale goes through, and cover all your solicitors fees

We’ll offer you one of our rented properties to move in to

Or work with local agents to find you suitable accommodation to move to

We deal with your unsecured debt during and after the sale

We help with all of the packing and can be with you on moving day. You can even leave anything behind that you don’t need – we’ll take care of it.

We sort out any benefits you may be entitled to once a sale has gone through

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