I’m Joanne Dron. I’m a wife, mum (to humans and dogs!), landlady, and owner of Essex Property Angel.

I live and breathe property, and have done for almost 20 years! In particular, I’m an expert on all things property in the South East Essex Area.

I’m immensely proud of the service I provide and the number of very satisfied sellers I have worked with over the years so I wanted to do a round-up of the type of properties I buy, and the people I work with. If you’re considering selling your property and don’t want to sell on the open market, then give me a call for an informal chat about your circumstances and how I may be able to make the process easier for you.

Who does Essex Property work with?

I work with anyone who doesn’t want to – or can’t – go through the traditional process of selling their house through an estate agent on the open market. My job is to learn all of the circumstances surrounding someone’s property sale and tailor my services to exactly what they need from me – as little or as much as that might be.

Every purchase is unique to that person’s circumstances, but in general, there are four types of properties that I buy.

1. I buy properties from Landlords

For most landlords I know, there is a huge feeling of responsibility to their tenants. If they hit financial trouble themselves or are just ready to sell for a multitude of other reasons, knowing the disruption this may cause to the tenants weighs heavily.

As a Landlord myself I really relate to this, and moving people from their homes is something that most Landlords would never want to do. In 17 years of being a landlady I’ve never made any moves to evict a tenant, and I pride myself on keeping rent below market value. I function on the belief that most people are good! And treating your tenant well, keeping their property well-kept and their rent affordable, means they treat your property with respect in return.

A property purchase with tenants in place

As such, I will often purchase properties from a like-minded landlord who wants to sell, but doesn’t want to disrupt the current tenants.

The benefit to the landlord is knowing their tenant is safe in their home for as long as they want to stay, and receiving the rent of that property all the way up to the day the property sale completes.

I will often undertake work on the purchased property once the sale is complete, to ensure that my new tenant’s property is up to the same standard as all the other properties that I let out.

2. I buy properties which are under threat of repossession

Sadly, this is a circumstance I come across far more often than I would like to. It’s always so hard speaking to property owners who have fallen on hard times and are at risk of losing their property.

But this is somewhere that my experience really comes into effect. I take pride in providing ALL the services the seller might want in those difficult times, as well as a sympathetic listening ear.

These people have not failed, often society and the system has failed them. It really is my pleasure to work with someone in these unimaginably hard circumstances, and see them on their feet again soon after.

Sometimes that’s helping with the paperwork and the legal process in general, sometimes I need to help the seller to get their finances in order and work out a budget, sometimes I help them to get benefits that they didn’t know they were entitled to, and sometimes I help on moving day with boxes and manpower!

“Essex Property Angel were buying our house and we phoned Joanne on the day before we were due to move, during the conversation we mentioned we had run out of boxes for packing. Within the hour Joanne had delivered all of the boxes we could have needed. It was those small things that made a big difference in our immigration being stress-free and simple.”

Property sales when there is no money in the bank

When I buy a property, there’s never any fee associated, and any costs which I pay out in the process of completing the sale (this could be cash up front, solicitor fees, or it could be clearing outstanding debts of the client in order for them to move forward financially) are simply subtracted from the sale price. So anyone can sell with me, even if they don’t have a penny in the bank to cover the usual property-selling costs.

3. I buy properties from people who are relocating or emigrating

I often work with people who are just about to embark on a complete life overhaul! They’re relocating to a different part of the country or even leaving it all together.

Moving your entire life is no small task, and adding a property sale into the mix can often be one complication too many during such a busy and often stressful time. Choosing to sell to me instead of on the open market removes all the hassle of getting multiple agents round for valuations, arranging viewings, joining fragile chains, and dealing with solicitors and estate agents. The service I provide is to step in and take all of that stress off your hands.

I have worked with people who are moving up north purely because their mortgage term has completed and they’re not able to get another mortgage. This happens often with people who took out interest-only mortgages back in the 80s. Relocating to a much cheaper area is one way to maintain the same property size they’re used to. You can read my recent blog about mortgages here.

Quick property sales for people who are emigrating

I also work with people who are working against the clock because of visa-related time pressures. They may have tried to sell on the open market, but find themselves ready to depart for their new life in just a few days’ time when their buyer falls through. Sadly, a common occurrence, but with my ability to make a cash purchase in a matter of days, the departure date can often still be met and they can fly off without leaving any loose ends.

4. I buy Probate properties

When you’ve lost a loved one, selling their house is a very emotionally-charged task. The probate process can throw up complications which people often don’t feel able to deal with during the grieving period.

And the clearing of the property itself is a huge and time-consuming undertaking, before even considering the legal or sale processes. 

Just as with all of the people I purchase properties from, I adjust my service to whatever that particular seller needs. Sometimes I’ll guide them through the probate process, help with paperwork and offer guidance and information.

I’m also often involved to an extent with the clearance. This might be disposing of items from the property, or helping to transport furniture and items which were able to be kept and reused.

Any-condition property purchase

When an elderly person passes away, it can sometimes be the case that the interior hasn’t been updated in a long time, the last thing you need when dealing with the death of a loved one (after the house clearance and legal paperwork) is to then replace the bathroom and kitchen, pay for a repaint, and carry out the other jobs required to make a property ‘sale-ready’.

Because I buy properties in any condition, this is one less thing that the family have to worry about or pay for.

I’m Joanne. I’ve lived and breathed property for longer than I care to remember! This blog is to provide advice and support with problems surrounding property, and life in general.


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